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The origin of the name of the Hercules constellation is based on the legendary achievements of the Greek hero Hercules, and Hercules was actually named after the older Babylonian constellation called "Standing God". There is also some evidence that the star map of Hercules is also related to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. Hercules has experienced many adventures and accepted the tasks assigned to him by the gods. He was also brave and good at fighting, and participated in many battles. During a war, he knelt down and begged his father Zeus for help. Thus, according to the image of him kneeling and praying, Hercules' early name also evolved into the meaning of "the kneeler". Nevertheless, people eventually associated the kneeling hero with Hercules and his many legends. So the Romans "borrowed" the name of this constellation in disguise and renamed it "Hercules".#BeaverlabTW1Pro #Digitaltelescope

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