Disposable chopsticks under a microscope

This post was last updated at 2023年12月19日

Today, we're going to use a microscope to observe disposable chopsticks. Let's take a look together. Under the microscope, you can see that the surface of disposable chopsticks has a series of fine grooves with shallow textures, and there are some dirt particles. The longer the chopsticks are used, the greater their capacity to harbor microorganisms.

Disposable chopsticks have an expiration date. Qualitatively produced chopsticks generally have a shelf life of 4-6 months. Chopsticks that have passed their expiration date may be more susceptible to harmful bacteria. Due to the structural differences between bamboo fibers and wood fibers, it's essential to avoid storing disposable chopsticks in humid environments to prevent mold.

The consumption of disposable chopsticks has become an inevitable environmental issue. While we can't completely avoid using them, we can make improvements by being mindful of our usage. That concludes our exploration for today. Until next time!