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  • Large-diameter wide-angle eyepiece, comfortable experience.
  • Large magnification objective lens, the details are real and three-dimensional.
  • Professional optical lenses, soft and non-irritating picture quality
  • 2 sets of LED light sources, which can be seen in dark environments.
  • Fast zooming in just 0.01 seconds.

Power supply: AAA7 1.5v

Product size: 94mm*56mm*142mm

Color: yellow-white

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The best gift for children to explore the wonders of the world

Develop children's curiosity

Cultivate children's desire for knowledge and determine their lifelong achievements.

Detachable design

The single tube can be removed for direct observation outdoors, and the vertical observation mode can be changed indoors.Indoor professional, with animal and plant specimens, children's operation is stable and professional.Portable outdoors, single-tube portable, only 40g in weight, you can watch it wherever you go when exploring outdoors.

One-click photo and video recording

Connect an external mobile phone to take pictures and record videos, and the results can be recorded and shared with family and friends at any time.

High magnification objective lens

The details are real and clear

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