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Davcarve L1D

Davcarve L1D

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  • Included: Davcarve L1 Machine Body+10W Blue Laser Module, 

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The World's Most Comprehensive & Cost-effective Laser Engraving

A variety of modules can be used in a variety of scenarios and materials, and can be quickly replaced without additional wiring.

Limitless Creativity with Spacious Workspace

Size will no longer hold you back – unleash your imagination fully. Whether it's large-scale art pieces or intricate components, this machine handles them all effortlessly. Set your creativity free and embrace endless possibilities.

Time Accelerated, Express Your Ideas Swiftly

Ideas have never materialized so swiftly – our Desktop Laser Cutting Machine transforms your concepts into reality at 1000mm/s speeds. Whether it's urgent projects or large-scale production, it handles them efficiently.

Precise Cutting for Infinite Possibilities

A New Interactive Experience

The way you create is in your hands.

  • Interactive screen and joystick operation
  • WiFi & USB connections.
  • TF cards and U disks connection

Your Safety is Our Utmost Concern.

  • The flame detector will set the alarm off and stop working once it detects flames and smoke.
  • It features a gyroscope in its body, and will stop working and set off an alarm sound if the machine is off-balance.
  • In case of emergency, press any button to stop working
  • Laser shield protects your eyesight
  • Rotary Engraving

  • Drawing with the Brush

  • Cutter Tool Relief Art

Multifunctional software to meet your various needs

Free software, free updates, compatible with other software, easy for beginners

Accessories and Tools

Diversity in Creation Has Never Been So Accessible


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