What Beavermake can do?

This post was last updated at 2024年3月8日

Beavermake is a laser engraving software specially designed for creators and DIY handicraft enthusiasts, which can start the journey of creative production with simple operation. Not only can you combine laser application and practice, but also combine life exploration inspiration to DIY personal creativity, Beavermake aims to provide users with a simpler, faster and better laser experience.

Software Download

Manual Download

With simple operation, you can also create your own personal creative works on different materials and supplies. Inspiration is no longer a flash in the pan that stops at hands-on practice.

Box models for easy building

Still stopping at creative realization? Beavermake one-click building feature helps you to build creative works easily. It is available in a few simple steps!Learn more

Image vectorization

Image vectorization, support vectorization of imported images, no longer worry about not having vector files for content output. Flexible parameter adjustment makes image generation more interesting. Learn more

Graphics Library(Download)

Beavermake provides you with a huge amount of material files, rich graphic resources so that your creation is no longer limited. Learn more