$50000 FREE GIFT,  Win iPhone 15 / equal price bonus!

This post was last updated at Sep 27, 2023
First Prize: iPhone 15 (3 winners)
Second Prize: Beaverlab TW1 Pro Telescope (5 winners)
Third Prize:DARWIN M2 Microscope(10 winners)
Fourth Prize: DARWIN M1 Microscope (20 winners)
Fifth Prize: Beautifully crafted puzzle toys (50 winners)
Sixth Prize:25% discount coupon for Beaverlab TW1 Pro Telescope (100 winners)
Seventh Prize: 25% discount coupon for DARWIN M2 Microscope (100 winners)
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Start at 13.9.2023
Ends after the release of the new Beaverlab project.
1.Must be 18+ to Enter.
2.Everyone has a chance to win, and users with more likes have a higher chance of winning!
3.This lottery will use the Twitter lottery tool for selection.
4.Considering the situation where iPhone15 is unavailable due to stock shortages, alternative prizes of equivalent cash value can be offered.
5.If any cheating or unethical behavior is discovered, the participant's eligibility for the lottery will be canceled.
6.Notifications of winners will be made on Twitter. Participants who fail to claim their prizes within one month will have their eligibility for claiming the prize revoked.
*The right to interpret the activity belongs to Beaverlab.
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